Bruce Eckman Portrait.

About Bruce Eckman

Bruce Eckman started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 5. Not with a lemonade stand or paper route, but by selling off his Mothers supply of greeting cards… without first asking permission.

Mrs. Eckman turned it into a “teachable moment”, restocked her supply and coached him on pricing… so he could cover the “cost of goods sold” and generate a profit.

Before crossing into adulthood, Bruce set up individual companies selling Mason shoes, office supplies and emergency food storage products in addition to serving as a volunteer ordained minister.

At age 18, the Eckman family lost their home and everything in it – flooded out by a break in the Grand Teton Dam. The experience taught Bruce that you not only need to be prepared for the expected, but also the unexpected. You need to have backup plans. And when all else fails, well, it’s time to pick yourself up and rebuild… stronger, better.

Bruce graduated from Ricks College with a degree in Data Processing and additional study in Small Business management and Accounting.

He created a Computer Consulting company while in college employing 5 programmers. He developed the first micro computer bookkeeping system – a great advance in efficiency for small businesses.

Business Creator

Upon graduating, Bruce opened Summit Computer, Inc – a full service computer store – along with Summit Software – a software development company.

Bruce later worked for Diet Center, Inc. where he was in charge of CMS software development, micro computer sales and support for franchises located throughout the country. Adding to his sales, computer and business skills, Bruce traveled around the country speaking about business management and record keeping at conventions and area meetings.

Because photography is also one of Bruce’s passions, he started Eckman Photography. He evolved that company into Eckman Enterprises adding commercial photography, video & audio production, graphic design, web design and other small business marketing services.

As the Internet evolved in the 1990’s Bruce started ICServ Inc./EZ-NetTools to focus specifically on providing easy-to-use web site tools for small businesses. Using the EZ-NetTools system small businesses can get a web site online without having to learn web site design or programming or having to hire it out.

Bruce developed the first configurable shopping cart on the Internet. This made it possible for virtual stores to sell items online without the need for – and cost of – a full time programmer.

He also developed the first page building software. This made it possible for anyone to create a web site without knowing web design or programming.

Through EZ-NetTools, Bruce has helped thousands of small businesses across the country and some overseas create their virtual store front and transact business over the Internet.

Bruce has also served as Chairman of the Board for CFONTS, promoting Fiber Optic Network infrastructure. And served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers/Sisters of Southeastern Idaho.

He also works in his Church and other volunteer organizations including organizations supporting and facilitating Russian adoption and other orphanage support services.

In 2002 Bruce and his wife traveled to Moscow Russia to adopt two little boys. The family currently keeps busy on his Grandfathers original farm where there’s always something to tinker with or animals to tend to.

Make a Difference

Bruce is driven by family and making a difference… with individuals as well as the world.

He’s also very passionate about small business entrepreneurialism…
businesses with heart and soul. He enjoys guiding them forward as his Mother did for him.

Many of the elements that make it so challenging to survive in corporate America, make it possible for an individual to successfully compete with them from a small office, from a garage, from a corner of the kitchen table. To start part-time or full-time and grow their business over time. In these uncertain times, that’s surely a good thing.